Team Fortress 2 on Vista crashes on map change, “Can’t load lump x, allocation of x bytes failed! Engine Error”

I’ll get straight to the point.  I’ve been playing Team Fortress 2 with no significant issues since the beta was published via Steam…until recently.  For some reason I was randomly getting crashes when the map changed on a server.  The specific error is as given in the title of this post.  I could not for the life of me figure out what might have changed that would have caused an issue like this (completely forgetting I had recently reinstalled Vista).  Instead of actively searching out a solution I continued restarting the game each time it crashed.  This seems to be a problem of mine, putting a band-aid on the problem rather than researching the cause to find a true solution.  Well it turns out it was actually a problem caused by Windows Vista itself in the way it handles memory allocation. 

This issue actually affects more than just Team Fortress 2, but my exposure to the problem was limited to this game.  The solution is a patch provided by Microsoft which I had installed on my previous instance of Vista, and was the reason I had not experience crashing prior to my reinstall.  Hopefully if you’re reading this you’ve taken the initiative to research your problem rather than trying to do what I did.  I have been running successfully with no crashes since installing the patch.  With that said, install the patch and get back to the game!

Microsoft KB Article 940105 – Virtual address space usage in Windows game development

  • h4t3d-0n3

    U sir just kicked a goal!

  • I’ve been having this problem if TF2, and I was wondering what it was. Cheers for the answer!

  • Dutchmasta

    Rejoice!!! Rejoice!!!! our savior has come at last!!!

  • Jonathan

    that just saved me alot of time. i too was just dressing the wound for a long time. thanks

  • Michael

    Just wondering do they have this patch for a dual video card system…. everytime i try to install it the patch says It does not apply to this system.. any answers?

  • LeadMagnet

    You’re a good man and deserve good things, despite what people say about your body odour.

  • Joe

    Make sure you downloaded the appropriate version for 32 or 64-bit. It sounds like you may have downloaded the incorrect one. Either that or the patch is already applied to your system.

  • Anon

    My hero of the week!

  • MassiveSuccess

    When I get wealthy enough, I will establish an award like a Nobel Prize and reward people like you.

  • Rook

    I have tried both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions of that update and both say “This does not apply to your system”. What do I do?

  • Beibin

    I’m also having the ‘does not apply to this system’ problem…

    What should I do?

  • Joe

    I have the same problem….microsoft support doesn´t reply steam doesn´t know an aswer….if somebody knows what do to….

    “This does not apply to your system” OMG IT`S KILLING MEH

  • Richard

    Thank you!!! so helpful, been having this issue for weekds now.

  • jayL

    umm, ok i’ve been having this problem for some time now also, i tried installing the update but it just says “The update does not apply to your system”, and yes i downloaded the right version which is 64bit. any help?

  • the masked anon

    I have this problem but i DONT HAVE VISTA! what do i do!?!?!

  • Sprout

    This patch is included in Vista Service Pack 1 – which has been out for some time. If you’ve already got Vista up-to-date, you’ll get the message that the update doesn’t apply to your system – because it’s already installed.

    I’m in the same boat – crashing frequently between map changes, server changes – ALL related to Vista. MS does a nice spin-job about “some games” having problems with a “modern OS” in their posting on this (, but it’s clearly a Vista issue, and their hack, er, “patch”, doesn’t resolve it for everybody unfortunately.

    You’ll especially see this if you have a video card with a large amount of VRAM – I never had the issue until moving to a 1GB 4870 – my older card with 256MB had no issues.

  • Richard

    I’m having the same problem accept it is happening with Garry’s Mod and I run on XP.

  • bigKb0y

    I am getting this same error with Team Fortress 2 and I am using Windows XP. It isn’t just a Windows Vista problem. Does anybody know what we can do on Windows XP?

  • Gravity Cat

    yeh i get it on Garrys Mod as well…and i got windows 7..any ideas? i dont usaly check my emails or anything so if u wanna reply just add me on steam as jechet10…even tho ill show up as gravity cat.

  • blazer

    Well ive have vista SP2 for some time and have all the latest patches (well all those provided by Windows update anyway) and I’m still getting this problem. Worked fine before, I’m sure it started happening when Steam did a major update to their interface and perhaps this is now having issues with certain components of Windows. Of course i could be talking a load of *^”£!