Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) Where did my Taskbar->Toolbars->Address bar go? Missing!

Well, my brother decided to take the plunge and try the latest Windows XP Service Pack 3 Release Candidate (XP SP3 RC1). After everything was all installed and settled he was trying to right-click on the taskbar, choose toolbars, and then select Address to add the address bar to the taskbar. Alas, Address was not an option. So after much searching it was discovered that this option has been removed from SP3 completely due to “legal restrictions”. The quote from the TechNet posting says “We had to remove the address bar functionality due to legal restrictions. The release notes carries this as a known issue.“, however, I could not find any reference to this in the latest copy of the release notes. Anyways, I hope this helps those of you out there that are searching for the address bar option in XP SP3. We’ll see if we can get John from MuvEnum to come up with a program to add it back for you.

MuvEnum Address Bar is the ultimate replacement for the missing address bar in Windows XP SP3.  It recreates the experience of the original address bar to help you quickly open files, folders, programs, websites, bookmarks, browsing history, web searches, and more from your Windows Taskbar!  Easily activate the toolbar using a global system-wide shortcut.  Includes support for the most popular browsers, keywords, themes, a calculator, and more!

MuvEnum Address Bar (x86 and x64 compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2000, 2003, and 2008)

Last updated: 07/03/09

Product Home:

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Post bug reports and suggestions at: MuvEnum Address Bar UserVoice

  • Well, you convinced me. I have a “test” version completed and should release a beta sometime tonight with basic functionality.

  • Nico

    hi John!

    Thanks for your program. it would be fine when i can open local folders or files with your addressbar.

    atm it opens the default webbrowser.

  • Oxymoron

    Thanks for the fix. I couldnt survive without the address bar there.


  • Understandable, as Windows Explorer WAS the default browser (back in IE6 anyway…)

  • I’ve been updating the plugin and will release an update shortly. I’m also working on completing my new website ( before I stick up actual pages for each of the new plugins I’ve created. Where does the time go? I really need to get rid of my day job. 🙂

    Watch for a new post soon with the new version.

  • New version is up with the updated url in the post:

    All new versions will have that same url for ease of posting.


    Added support for auto completion of all system sources: url, history, filesystem, network shares, etc.
    Added ctrl + enter key combo to add ‘.com’ to the typed in address.
    Added shift + enter key combo to add ‘.net’ to the typed in address.
    Added ctrl + shift + enter key combo to add ‘.org’ to the typed in address.
    Added About/Options screen.
    Added option to hide the go button.
    Updated the detection of the text to replicate the regular address bar more precisely.
    Fixed the installer to detect upgrades properly and inform the user if a reboot is necessary.

  • Great Stuff with a capital G!!!! The address bar makes my life simple…was a little bummed when I noticed it gone…. Thanks a bunch!

  • coremax

    John… U made my life better… 🙂

  • Anthony

    Thanks!!!! This is great. Lost without the address bar.

  • nycste

    hey guys, this is great found it on msfn forums which then lead me to here

    1. sp3 stinks for removing that address bar i rely on it

    2. how do you keep MuvEnum Address Bar: in place and always on when restarting computer? cuz when i do it dissappears then i gotta renable it, unlock taskbar move it around the relock. thanks

    3. thanks

  • nycste:

    2. To the disappearing issue:

    I am aware of this issue and am working on resolving it as quickly as possible. Keep checking for when an update is released.

    3. You are welcome. 🙂

    Thank you,


  • nico

    thanks soooooooo much john.. i love this toolbar..

  • CGImana

    Hey, when it auto-puts in HTTP:// I use the task bar to launch more then just sites, it also opens c:; regedit; notepad, calc, sol, cmd, ect…. anyway to get it to still do this? And the original one opend the default browser as well, and FireFox has to option of useing IE6/7 History anyway, I don’t see a problem with it at all.

  • CGImana

    On a second note, anyone who knows of it even being there, that I know of, only use IE7 anyway, FireFox is a joke.

  • Tom

    Every XP SP3 user that’s missing the ‘Address’ Toolbar– you can use the ‘Windows Search Deskbar’ toolbar and type in file paths ex. ‘C:\’ or URLs ex. ‘’ and it will launch the correct application to handle it in SP3 RC2 (and maybe other RCs)… hope that helps… it makes annoying suggestions from index items… that the only downer. Good luck hopefully they’ll wise up before the actual release.. :fingers crossed:

  • Anyone with a Myspace account tried to enter their site into “muvextoe” address bar?
    It adds an “/” to the end of the address, and the page won’t display.
    Try it out on your site on Myspace.
    If I manually delete the “/” after I’ve hit enter (even though I didn’t type that in the first place), all is fine.
    Minor gripe I know!
    Thanks for adding the missing address bar back.

  • vizi0n

    John: I can’t wait until you fix the disappearing bar issue because I am totally lost without my address bar 🙁 Thanks! — Frank

  • Steve,

    Thanks for reporting this issue (I saw the support request as well). I’ll get it fixed in the next release.

    vizi0n, I’m hoping to have that issue addressed soon.

  • Steve,

    I’ve released v1.2.0.0 which fixes your issue with the “/” being added at the end of urls.

    vizi0n and everyone else,

    v1.2.0.0 also fixes the disappearing bar issue. I’ve tested it thoroughly in my VPCs so let me know if you still have issues with it.

    You can get the latest version from the link in the bottom of the post.



  • CGImana,

    For reference, the MuvEnum Address Bar supports what you listed in your comment:

    It can be used to open c:\, regedit, calc, notepad, sol, cmd, etc.

    It also loads the website in the default browser (tested against FireFox).




    It would be nice if you could do single word google searches from the address bar. Just saying. Thanks though.

  • That could be added. I could also add support for it to use a user specified search engine.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  • vizi0n

    that’s good news! let me try it out 😀

  • vizi0n

    A-MA-ZING! 😀 Thanks alot, I just feel much better using my computer hehehe. Thats a very good piece you just fixed on the SP3

  • T. D. Hyde

    This comes as a great relief. Like so many other users, I was disappointd to find my Address Bar missing from the bottom of my screen. I too had come to rely on the address bar to type in URL’s and local paths.
    A couple of points: I’d like to see an ‘Address Bar’ label (icon and/or text) to the right of the bar, as previously. I’d also like to see a border along the top of the bar to blend it in w/ the rest of the taskbar area.
    Just a thought. And, well done!

  • Andy

    Re the search shortcuts, the current XP Address bar will do the searches you can configure in TweakUI – they are stored in the registry and … well, best described over here –

    hth Andy

  • Christian Hart

    Coders are the rock stars of the 21st C.: Downloaded the RTM version of SP3 this morning, installed it, couldn’t find the address bar, searched MSKB in vain, found the cause this afternoon (everywhere BUT MS), and now this evening, I was able to download your amazingly generous fix. YOU are a rock star, my friend. Thank you!

  • adxalf

    Thank you VERRY MUCH!!!
    Ive installed this evening SP3 for XP and my loved addressbar in my taskbar gone away! Now ive found your verry nice replacement! Thank you verry much! 🙂
    But is it possible to add a history function of typed commands please? Because the bar is always empty.

  • JD

    Another SP3 sucker checking in…

    Thank you for this – I use the address bar every day multiple times daily. You’re awesome.

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  • Kaltec

    I’ll be interested in a x64 version…

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  • frnzy

    Just wanted to see if you’d consider adding in Vista address bar functionality, where you can click on the individual folders in the path to move up in the tree.

    Great fix, btw!

  • Kaltec,

    X64 support has been added with v1.3.1.0. Please let me know if you run into any issues.

  • Kaltec

    Works great so far! Thanks!

  • Torrance

    Thanks for the tool. Any plan to support environment variables?

  • GOD0782


    I agree with everyone else here, you rock. I am pissed they got rid of the address bar. I was wondering if you could integrate the following into your next release.

    I have a favorite in IE7 for, named “b1”. Previously, I would type “b1” into the address bar and it would take me right to the BOA site.

    Is this do-able?

    Many thanks.

  • Xstex

    Ty, very much for this lifesaving tool!!! IS there a possibility to make it look the more the same for the windows classic theme?

    Anyways keep up the good work!

  • Thank you so very much for this program. My only suggestion is that it would be nice if it remembered the addresses youve typed into it or at least the last few of them. I visit about 10 or 15 diff websites a day and with the old tool bar if I needed to revisit one I could click the arrow on the side and it would show me a history of all the addresses Ive typed in. For some reason with this one it remembered me going to and and 2 other pages on but none of the other pages ive gone to. Also when you click the little orange button there should be a button for settings or preferences along with checking for updates (a link to your site would be helpful too in case I want to come back and leave feedback or download/buy your software). Again, Thanks for this program its a major pain having to open a browser every time I want to go to a website.

  • oops sorry I just clicked on the logo on the update screen and it went to your site… a blatantly obvious link would be nicer though.

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  • Great program. I can see how useful this would be.

    If you want the “real” address bar back, you can replace one file in SP3 with a the SP2 version. Obviously, this is a type of “hack”, so it may break future updates and what not. If you are interested in checking out the process, have a look here:

    Again, this method is not for everyone, most users will probably find the program offered hear easier and safer.

  • uwishu

    UPDATE: This program may not actually be needed. I appear to have saved my address bar by doing the following steps. I just confirmed this to work.

    1) Before upgrading to SP3, drag the address bar from the task bar to the desktop where it will undock. Right click on the address bar & tell it to “Always stay on Top”.

    2) Proceed with the upgrade.

    3) After rebooting the address bar option is no longer part of the toolbar, but the undocked address bar window will still be on the desktop.

    4) Drag & Drop it back to the address bar, where it will function as it always did.

    Good Luck


  • Eddie K

    Thanks Muchly for the great toolbar. Talk about Crisis Averted! I have happy users thanks to you!

  • dunk

    sorry to seem dim, but, have installed the address task bar but I dont seem to have access to it on the tool bar. Have I missed soemthing

  • JC

    The solution to get the address back is here
    Copy the old browserui.dll from SP2 to SP3 System32 folder, then reboot

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  • capnhairdo

    JC, thanks for the link. Even easier is this article & tool, linked from that article, which worked like magic:

    Nice to have the real thing back…I use the address bar literally hundreds of times a day.

    John, have been using your MuvEnum Address Bar for the past few days. Fantastic fix…nice work. But there’s still a few things it doesn’t do that made me go back to the Microsoft one:

    • Can’t enter “My Documents” or “My Computer”.

    • Can’t enter a drive letter for a network drive unless it’s already been accessed by some other process. (One of the main things I use the address bar for is to access my network drives.)

    • Your search page ( is broken…wrong MIME type? all I see is the HTML code.

    • And, as others have mentioned, it would be nice to have the icon (favicon) back next to the address…which can then be dragged elsewhere to make a shortcut.

    Very small caveats. Like I said, brilliant fix and alternative to the Microsoft one.

  • Here’s a quick update to all the questions:

    Torrance: I’ll look into adding support for this over the weekend.

    GOD0782: I’ll also look into adding support for this feature as well.

    Xstex: I’ll see what I can do.
    Shinobi: This was a feature that I omitted accidentally. It’s just not storing the typed urls; only retrieving them from what IE and Explorer had rememebered. I’ll try to get this fixed this weekend. I also want to clean up the UI to allow me to add more features easily. Your suggestion for the about/settings dialog sounds good in this regard.

    uwishu: This requires that the user did this before they installed SP3 which isn’t very likely. Also, is there anything from it accidentally disappearing, at which point they would need the MuvEnum Address Bar anyway?
    dunk: A few users have reported this problem. I’m trying to recreate the issue. Hopefully I’ll have a fix soon.

    JC: I’ve heard issues about it not saving the placement after a restart (mine had the same issue previously but has since been fixed). If it doesn’t, it’s a good hack for the more advanced users. MuvEnum Address Bar tries to fill in the gaps for everyone.

    capnhairdo: I’ll look into adding support for “My Computer”, etc. I’ll test the network drive issue and see if I can replicate the original functionality. The search page right now should forward you to google. Do you have javascript enabled? I’m currently looking into the favicon issue. I tried to drag and drop from the original address bar and it didn’t work for me. Is this a feature of the old address bar or is this a feature request for MuvEnum Address Bar?

  • aevans0001

    It is a nice address bar but still alittle buggy for me… I have not throughly tested this but if you drag the my computer icon in the start menu to the top of the screen and then right click on the docked toolbar.. Address is there… Undock it check keeep on top and then dock it in regular place… I tested this method without the keep toolbar on top option checked and it would disappear every once in a while..

  • Bob Coleman

    Another alternative is Dave’s Quick Search Taskbar Toolbar Deskbar at . This does various things as well as being a pretty competent address bar. One thing missing, as far as I can tell, is history of addresses, but there are other nice features.

  • timbiotic

    Great replacement thanks! But I will wait for the search function to work. Right now when I type in something to search for, it brings up a weird xml page. Keep up the good work!

  • timbiotic: The search function goes weird for some users. It will be fixed in the next release.

    aevans0001: Would you be kind enough to provide me with the specifics of what you find buggy? I’m always looking to improve it so your detailed feedback is appreciated.

  • GrowBigTrees

    Thanks a lot for your addressbar! One thing that I miss is entering %temp% or %programfiles% to go to the full path.

    Unattended installs:
    I can use /S for a silent install, but is there a switch to uncheck “Show Go Arrow”?

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  • TEA

    There IS address bar in XP SP3 !
    Drag any folder from explorer to the side of monitor > this will create sidebar toolbar > right click on this toolbar and select: Toolbars > Address bar.
    Grab you new address bar and drag it to taskbar.
    Enjoy 🙂

    • bim

      you sir are a genius

  • SyraJohn

    Absolutely brilliant! Thanks for this. Can’t work without an Address input on my Taskbar.

    Damn MS and/or the EU or whoever put them up to it. I’d like to put my foot up their arse for removing such a productive feature.

  • SyraJohn

    Just noticed one small thing. The original MS Version checks Favorites for a match before adding the “http://” prefix.

    This becomes really handy because you can save a bunch of Favorite items with short names. Whether they point to local folders, network shares or URLs to websites, simply typing a word into the Address Toolbar and pressing Enter will bring you to your destination.

    When I try the same thing in the current version of this util, it adds “http://” to the beginning everytime.

    type ‘dlls’ (no quotes) into the Address Toolbar

    Expected result: Explorer opens to a path like \\serverOne\f\sourceFiles\production\dlls

    Actual result: Internet Explorer opens to http://dlls/
    which (of course) cannot be displayed

  • Peter

    I like this tool, and would buy it, but it’s not working when the taskbar is in the vertical position, only when it’s in the horizontal position.

    Drag your taskbar to the side of your screen to see what I mean…


  • @GrowBigTrees: Environment Variable support was added in v2.0.0.0 Beta 1. There currently is no switch modifying the default settings.

    @SyraJohn: Favorites support was added in v2.0.0.0 Beta 1. Thanks for the feedback. Hope you like the features of the newest verion, especially the global hotkey support. I know I’m now using the address bar way more than I used to.

  • @Peter: The vertical taskbar issue has been fixed in v2.0.3.0 Beta 4.

    Let me know if it satisfies your vertical taskbar need. Also, the software is freeware but you are more than welcom to donate:

  • Hi

    I really loved your taskbar, it works as well as the original…. but I need to make a request….

    Could a make a new review… I don’t like much bitching around but it doesn’t works well with vertical taskbars =(
    The image the smaller space i can get it to use =x;

  • @vbkun: If you update to the latest beta version, v2.0.4.0 Beta 4, you can resize the height of the bar so that it is barely larger than the actual bar (similar to the original address bar), instead of wasting the space as your image shows.

  • Norm

    Any comments on TEA’s post regarding moving a folder to the side of the screen, creating an address toolbar within that toolbar, and dragging it to the taskbar? (I had to drag the address toolbar to the Desktop first, then drag it to the taskbar.)

    Is there any way to automate this with a registry setting?

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  • Nihad

    I have an WINDOWS XP SP3,when I instaled it I change the Apperance to Windows Vista Inspirat 2.I haven’t problems long time,then I will my Apperance change to Windows SP3 Normal apperance (taskbar).When I go to the Properties-Apperance I did not find the Apperance(taskbar)of Windows XP SP3 they stay just Windows XP,Windows Classic and Windows Inspirat 2(just a taskbar,no a system Vista).Where is now the Taskbar!!! He’s missing! PLEASE HELP ME ! ANSWER

    I dont know good English,I’m from Bosnia and I have just 12 years.


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