Creating a single forward to multiple email addresses with cPanel

As easy as this turned out to be and as easy as it seemed it should be, it took a little digging to find out how to really accomplish this. Since John and I both manage the blog I wanted all comment moderation requests to come to both of us rather than just to me. However, WordPress doesn’t seem to accept more than one email address in the admin notification section. It let me add both email address with a semi-colon separating them, but after saving the settings it removed the semi-colon and left the box with an invalid email address. Since our site is hosted on a cPanel server I then turned to setting up the forwarding through cPanel.

cPanel has recently updated to version 11 and introduced a much better user interface with quite a bit of error checking. For example, when I tried entering two email addresses into the forwarder address box it kindly let me know that ; or , as a separator were not acceptable. After a little research I discovered that you simply create two forwards for the same email address. One pointing from the desired forward blog@domain to my email, and another pointing again from blog@domain to John’s email. This actually creates a single forward entry within the operating system, but cPanel keeps it recorded as two separate fowards. This now also means that both John and I will be able to moderate the comments so they should show up much quicker.

  • Thanks Joe, this is exactly what I was looking for! I used to do this in Dreamhost without a problem, but cPanel made it a bit more obscure..

  • Indeed, as easy as it seemed to be, adding multiple forwarders in cPanel 11 confused me to.

    I knew that adding 2 forwarders would work, but it seemed so unelegant to me.

    Knowing from your article that cPanel actualy inserts a single line in config file made me sleep better and not wory on this config.


  • Thanks for this – I was tearing my hair out looking for the solution. Seems an crazy way to do it but at least it works!

  • Thanks for this info.
    I tested this forwarding one email to three email accounts.
    The results were weird… I received the email in two accounts, but one didn’t receive it. I tested it again, and this time i did receive the email on the account the didn’t receive it at first, but didn’t in one of the others.

    Maybe this works on two emails max??

  • Bert

    This is just plain simple. It however makes sense to me, in one way or another…
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Thank you, Thought that was the case with cpanel but thank you for confirming and saving me time.

  • Anonymous


  • Len

    cPanel v11 rejected my list using semicolons. Instead, you have to use commas with no spaces between each email address.

    • the comma thing worked to create multiple forwards but I still doesn’t work.

  • I created multiple (3) and only one is being forwarded…and it is consistently only forwarding to that one.

    • I’ve decided to give up and just use Gmail to power the group emails…I have to forward one email to 15 people so probably a better option anyway.

  • Judd

    Should be a little more intuitive, and I’ve been cpanelling for YEARS, but it’s not. So THANK YOU for posting this (and for being #1 in Googs for it).

  • Great. Confirms my assumption. I’ll try this. Thanks for the post !