Guitar Hero 3 Ultimate Song Request – Hocus Pocus by Focus

Since I started playing Guitar Hero 3 a month or so ago I’ve been keeping an ear out for songs that I think would be awesome to play in Guitar Hero.  Today, I thought of the perfect song, which I found a few months ago on the blog of Fake Steve Jobs: Hocus Pocus by Focus:

Now, this would probably have to wait until Guitar Hero: Focus Edition which would allow you to get points using not only the guitar, but the drums, the flute, by yodeling (voice recognition like SingStar), and using face expressions with a facial recognition system and the PS3 Eye where your score is based on how close your facial expressions match that of the lead singer.  I know I’d definitely be first in line to buy it.  Heck, I’d take a GH3 downloadable song right now even though I could only play the guitar just to tie me over until the full release.  Any other takers?  Are there any other songs that are as good, if not better (though I doubt one exists) than this one that you’d like to see in a Guitar Hero game?

Metal Gear Solid 4 – Can’t get past first "this game saves data…" screen

I picked up Metal Gear Solid 4 today and ran into an issue.  After you install the game, you get to the screen where it says “This game saves data automatically at certain points…”.  On this screen, you have to it X to continue.  The problem was, X didn’t do anything whether I hit it on my six-axis controller, my remote, or on my Guitar Hero 3 wireless controller.  That’s when I knew what the problem was.

I shut off the PS3, unplugged the guitar hero 3 USB dongle, turned the PS3 back on and went in to Metal Gear Solid 4.  When it brought me to the “This game saves data…” screen, I hit X on the six-axis controller and it went right in.

Now, I know what to do when I want to play MGS4.  The sucky part is that I have to do it every time I leave the GH3 USB dongle plugged in.